Study Abroad

Study Abroad



What is study abroad?


Study abroad is a learning experience that takes place in another country where you earn credits towards your ISU degree for academic coursework completed successfully. Study abroad can also include internships, fieldwork, and different types of experiential learning offered as part of the program.


Study abroad is a serious undertaking. It is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Living in another country enables you to experience first-hand what you may only read about in your textbooks. You will travel, meet new people, and see places you may have only dreamed about. When you study abroad you are learning both in as well as outside the classroom.


Why study Abroad?

Here are the top five reasons given by Indiana State University students:


1. To learn about myself and become more independent.

2. To learn about a new culture and have a completely new experience.

3. To learn a new language.

4. To have fun meeting new people through traveling.

5. To build my resume and prepare myself for my career.


For more information regarding the study abroad program at Indiana State University, click here.