Auditions (Sunday Afternoon)

All campers audition so that staff can best determine where to place students in the ensemble.

Movement/Marching Technique (Sunday Afternoon)

Campers will learn the basic steps and techniques of marching in a drum line, marching in time and visual awareness. This will help with drill and assembling the show and will determine step size, and spacing between marchers.

WGI History (Sunday, 6-6:30 pm)

Participants will learn the history of the activity.

Tour of Campus/Games/Fountain Run (Sunday, 6:30-8 pm)

Students will tour Indiana State's beautiful campus and will participate in a social icebreaker. 

Staff Recital (Sunday, 8 pm)

Students will experience a full recital featuring Drum Line's talented staff. Featured in the recital will be a mixture of popular and contemporary music.

Morning Workout (Monday-Thursday, 6:15-7:15 am)

Campers will have an opportunity to work out with staff in the mornings. This is completely voluntary and if campers do not wish to participate, they can continue to rest until breakfast. Activities during the workouts include: running, cardio, agility, endurance, and stamina. 

Music (Monday, 10-11:30 am; Tuesday-Thursday, 9-11:30 am)

Students will learn sight reading skills and how to memorize exercises and show music to prepare for the final performance. 

Rehearsal (Monday-Friday, 1-4:30 pm; Monday-Thursday, 8-9:45 am; Friday, 9-11:30 am)

Students will learn staging and drill and how to create and combine movements with music. 

Critique/How to Teach (Monday, 7-7:45 pm)

Campers will critique live or taped drum line performances. They will learn to identify mistakes and suggest ways in which to improve the drum line. 

Instrument Techniques (Tuesday 7-7:45 pm)

Students will receive a "crash course" on playing snare, bass, tenors, cymbals, and mallets. 

Creating a Show (Wednesday 7-7:45 pm)

Campers will learn how to musically and visually create and design an indoor show. 

Private Lessons (Monday-Thursday, 6-6:50 pm)

Campers will receive one-on-one time with each instructor to help develop more advanced skills and improve playing on their specific instruments. Time will also be allotted to perfect show music and exercises.

Rest Time (Monday-Thursday, 6-7 pm)

Campers will be encouraged to perform at their highest physical, mental, and emotional level. For this reason, some down time is encouraged.

Practice Time/Free Time (Sunday-Thursday, 10 pm-Lights Out)

Campers will receive extra dorm time to practice, before lights-out. Staff will be available to assist campers with any questions.

Talent Show (Thursday, 9 pm)

Campers will have the opportunity to perform in a talent show. Talents may vary from musical abilities to juggling to just about anything! 

Final Show (Friday Evening)

Participants will perform their show for friends, family, and the community. This will provide them with real experience in competing in the indoor circuit.