Meadows Elementary School

The Big Picture: Literacy Through Art

Through a grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, the Community School of the Arts is offering a connected art and literacy experience to grade 1 and 2 students at Meadows Elementary, a Title 1 school. The program is included in day-time programming and offered to first-graders this academic year. The program will be offered to the same group of students through second, third and fourth grades. 

The broad goals of this project are to: enhance student learning in connected arts and literacy experiences; provide increased access to arts programming and arts learning by integrating literacy and arts education into existing curriculum; develop sustained school/arts/community partnerships; meet the needs of the schools with teachers feeling "ownership" as active planners and participants in the program; extensively prepare teachers and artists through training sessions in which teaching and artistic strategies are addressed; and enhance parent/family involvement in student learning. The program will address pressing issues including: the inequity of access to arts education in schools; the need to motivate students in a climate of increasing low attendance; the need to improve students' academic achievement in core subject areas; and the need for professional development classes that enable teachers to learn to integrate arts and core subject areas and bring them to the classroom.