Music for Adults

African Drumming for Adults

14MU0027 (non-member) 
Code: 14MU0028 (member)
Ages: 16 and up or permission from instructor 
Dates & Time: July 16 - August 20 
6:30  - 8:00 p.m. (6 Wednesdays)
Maximum Enrollment: 14
Fee: Non-member/$85, member/$76.50
Location: Fine Arts Building, Room 409, 649 Chestnut Street
Instructor: Colleen Haas

Come learn how to play 3-4 song styles from West Africa on a variety of African drums and hand-held percussion instruments. Conceived as a fun and low-pressure class, sessions focus on group drumming, rhythmic organization, playing techniques, and musical expression. Designed for a range of abilities, previous experience with percussion or music reading is welcomed but not required nor necessary. Music is taught within an oral tradition that utilizes direct demonstration and visual/aural cues, calling upon the student to merely listen, imitate, and gradually progress, eventually learning to attune with the group. Musical selections represent a rich caldron of African cultural traditions where people use drum ensembles for ceremonial activities, civic occasions, and recreational/social events. Instruments are provided.