Music for Pre-Schoolers

Swirls and Twirls: Music and Movement

14MU0001 (non-member)
Code: 14MU0002 (member)
Ages: 4 and under 
Dates and Time: June 23-27 (Monday through Friday)
10:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Maximum Enrollment: 10
Fee: Non-member/$55, member/$49.50
Location: Fine Arts Building, Room 311, 649 Chestnut Street
Instructor: Sean Carey

This class encourages children to explore movement through music. Preschoolers participate in fun activities involving colorful scarves, Boomwhackers, and Koosh balls! The class is a stress-free, cheerful environment to get your kids moving to the music. Students explore a variety of dance movements and experience "free music" activities! Parent or guardian encouraged to attend class at no extra fee and join in the fun!