Rock Blocks

Auditions / Placement

All campers will go through a placement audition so that we can best place them in their ‘rock bands’.

Practice Strategies

There is no doubt that practice is the single most difficult component of leaning how to play an instrument. For this block the focus is on the following questions: What is good practice? What exactly do we practice? How do we judge if our practice is effective? These skills will not only apply to our work during the camp, but will serve students as they continue learning their instrument at home. These skills can also be applied to other subjects like homework, physical health, or general personal growth.

Gear and Equipment

Being a part of a rock band means dealing with a lot of equipment, whether you’re the lead singer or the drummer. This block focuses solely on learning what equipment we will be using throughout the week, how to best take care of and store it, and most importantly, how to set it up and use it properly.

Instrument Focus

During these blocks, campers will work with skilled and trained professionals and delve deep into the nuts and bolts that make up their specific instrument. The block will consist of some history, mechanics, and even some of the science behind how the instrument works. 

Rock History

There has been so much great music that has come before us that we love to imitate and emulate. Our history block will take us through the vast amounts of music that we cram under the general heading of “rock”. From this block campers will gain a wider scope of the music, those that created it, where it all came from, and how their music may fit within the bigger picture. This block will also give campers a chance to research new music and help them gain a greater appreciation for performers and styles they may not yet have discovered.

Band Rehearsal

Like personal practice, effective and efficient rehearsal with your band is key to success as a musician. During this block students will work with their peers, along with some assistance from the staff, as they establish and work toward goals for the week. This block will be spent developing the bands' set list, practicing that material, and preparing for the end of camp performance.

Practice Time

Like rehearsal time with your band, it is vital that each member take time on their own to work on personal development with his/her instrument and the music being presented. The staff will be on hand to help ensure each student is headed in the right direction, but for the most part, this will be unsupervised time that campers will need to monitor on their own.  Practice makes perfect!

Private Lessons

In addition to personal practice time and band rehearsal time, each camper will be provided one-on-one time with a private instructor. During these lessons campers will address challenges that they may be facing on their instruments or explore new techniques or ideas they have not yet had a chance to develop. Lesson time will be scheduled once students arrive.

Branding / Marketing

One of the most important parts of being in a performing group is having an audience to perform for. During this block we will learn how to develop the public face of the band, how to cultivate a fan base, and how to go about publicizing your performances. We will also look into how today’s technology can assist in reaching fans and what they expect from you and your group.

Show Development

All the work the campers will be involved with and focusing on during the week will culminate with a final performance during our last days of camp. During this block we will lay out in detail what we will be presenting during this final concert as well as the break down of responsibilities that are necessary to put together a show.