ICS’s Sustainability Fellowship Program exists to encourage sustainability scholarship in action. Through the Fellowship Program, we recognize ISU faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in sustainability work, codify the inherently interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, and highlight the engagement of diverse stakeholders across campus. In 2015, 58 Sustainability Fellows represented 25 ISU units.

Each year, Sustainability Fellows pledge to take leadership on at least one project with a strong sustainability component. These projects range from grant writing and publishing papers to initiating community projects. New Fellows are welcomed into Fellowship on an ongoing basis; if you are interested in becoming a fellow, please contact Caroline.Savage@indstate.edu for more information.

2016 Sustainability Fellows' Meeting Presentations:

Caroline Savage:  Annual Fellows' Meeting Overview
Shikha Bhattacharyya:    reTHink, Inc.

Stephanie Krull:  ISU Embraces the Wabash
Brianne Walters:  The ISU Bat Center
Rose Newton:  Demographics of Community Gardens in Indiana
Jim Speer:  Energy Conservation Grants and Efforts in the Ryves Neighborhood
Tom Derrick:  The Greenhouse Ventilation System

Eric Anderson

Eric is a Lecturer in the College of Arts and Sciences and a Founding Sustainability Fellow. Eric has applied for several grants since 2012 to expand academic opportunities for students to learn about sustainability, and in 2016 was part of a team that received a $35,000 grant to create a sustainability-focused course that builds students' innovation skills. In 2016, he will work on the implementation of this project. Additionally, Eric has organized a Sustainability Brown Bag series of lunchtime presentations every semester since Fall 2014. He is continuing to organize this series in 2016.

Jordan Bayles


Jordan was Sodexo's Catering Executive Chef and became a Sustainability Fellow for 2014. Jordan worked to increase recycling and composting in Sodexo's operations. He also contributed his expertise as an instructor for ICS's "From the Garden" cooking class series. While he is no longer an ISU employee, he continues to generously contribute to ISU in the form of collaborative projects with ICS staff.

Dr. Susan Berta

Sue (left) is an Associate Professor of Geography and a Founding Sustainability Fellow. In 2014, she coordinated student research projects that explored how to make Terre Haute and ISU more sustainable. These projects were displayed in a research expo at Earth Day in 2014. Sue has worked to integrate strong sustainability components into her classes. In 2015, she oversaw an unpaid internship for a student who was working with the Ouabache Land Conservancy.

Dr. Shikha Bhattacharyya


Dr. Shikha Bhattacharyya is a graduate student at ISU working on several community sustainability projects. She has been a Fellow since 2015 and has been an active volunteer in the ISU Community Garden. Her 2016 pledge is continuing to develop reTHink, Inc., a nonprofit enterprise whose mission is to encourage local businesses in the Wabash Valley to adopt environmentally-friendly practices.

Dr. Lisa Calvin

Lisa is an Associate Professor of Spanish and has been a Fellow since 2015, although she has been involved with sustainability for many years. Her pledge for this year is to perform research on student awareness of ethical options for coffee. She plans to publish this research in an article about pedagogical tools that promote sustainability awareness among consumers.

Dr. Aruna Chandrasekaran


Aruna is a Professor of Management in the Scott College of Business and has been a Fellow since 2015. Her pledge for this year is to incorporate a strong sustainability component into one of her classes. She has been involved with sustainability at ISU for the past several years.

Dr. Tom Derrick


Tom (left), Professor of English, is a Founding Sustainability Fellow. From 2013-2015, Tom built a greenhouse at the Community Garden House to serve as an intergenerational living laboratory for nutrition, horticulture, and local foods. In addition, Tom teaches ENG 239:  Literature and Life, a course that continually requires students to ask themselves how they can incorporate sustainable principles into their own lives.

Travis Dickey


Travis became an ISU student in the fall of 2014 and immediately became engaged in sustainability efforts at ISU. Travis is involved with both ICS project and is a member of Sycamore Environmental Action Club. His 2015 pledge was to complete a tree assessment for ISU's campus.

Dr. Elonda Ervin


Dr. Ervin is the Director of ISU's Office of Diversity. Her career includes a long legacy of service to and scholarship of social equity issues and she has been a Fellow since 2015. Her pledge is to work to increase social dimensions of sustainability through collaborations with Student Health Promotion, ICS, and the African American Cultural Center.

Heather Foxx

Heather (center) was a Master's student in the Earth and Environmental Systems department, and was a Fellow since 2013. Her research on lead and heavy metals in urban soils led her to give presentations, receive grants, and publish papers. As a component of her research project, Heather offered free soil lead testing for Terre Haute residents; she tested homes, playgrounds, government property, and many other types of land. Heather graduated from ISU in 2014, but her legacy will not soon be forgotten!

Gail Gottschling

Gail (right) is the Director of ISU's Early Childhood Education Center and joined the Fellowship in 2014. Her initial pledge was to host one of the Lily Endowment greenhouses at the Early Childhood Education Center; the greenhouse has been in production since January 2014 and is augmenting the curricula at the Center, as children learn about vegetables and healthy eating. Her 2015 pledge was to use her sabbatical leave to study environmentally sustainable solutions for early childhood programs. She visited centers around the U.S. and Italy.

Steve Hardin

Steve Hardin is a Founding Sustainability Fellow. He is the Public Services Librarian at ISU's Cunningham Memorial Library. He has several ongoing projects, including incorporating sustainability into a variety of courses he teaches, attending conferences and presentations, and through his membership of Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light. His 2016 pledge is to integrate sustainability into his course.

Dr. Debra Israel

Debra Israel is a Founding Sustainability Fellow. She is an Associate Professor of Economics, the Interim Director of Interdisciplinary Programs, and the Interim Chair of the Philosophy Department. In 2014, she organized a panel discussion as part of ISU's College of Arts and Sciences Community Semester addressing secondhand smoke. The panel featured Terre Haute City Councilman Todd Nation (4th District), Alia Hazel, former coordinator of Vigo County Tobacco Prevention Program, Libby Ray of Chances and Services for Youth (CASY), Wil Downs from ISU's Human Resources office, Audrey Nichols of ISU's Student Government Association (SGA), and Emily Richards, an ISU student. The panel saw 49 attendees.

In 2015, Dr. Israel presented on Public Policy, Environmental Impact, and the Second-Hand Clothes Market at both the 2015 ISU Sustainability Brown Bag speaker series and the Midwest Economics Association.

Jipin Jose

Jipin is the President of the International Student Leadership Council had has been a Sustainability Fellow since 2016. He has led a variety of projects, including a campaign to increase awareness of food waste among students and the development of a bicycle cooperative on ISU's campus, including many hours logged cleaning and repairing bicycles! He and Polina Kanuika were the winners of the 2016 Overall Sustainability Awards.

Polina Kaniuka

Polina (center) is a graduate assistant studying in the department of Language, Literatures, and Linguistics, and she has been a Sustainability Fellow since 2016. After learning about the poundage of food thrown away at ISU after every meal, Polina decided to start an awareness campaign to encourage ISU students to waste less, for the planet and for their health. She and Jipin Jose were the winners of the 2016 Overall Sustainability Awards.

Kris Kraut

Kris was the Resident Dining Executive Chef for Sodexo at ISU. Throughout his time at ISU, he contributed to sustainability initiatives on campus for several years, including contributing his expertise as an instructor for ICS's "From the Garden" cooking class series. While he is no longer at ISU, he continues to generously offer his experience to inform food-sustainability related events and activities.

Dr. Tina Kruger

Tina is an Assistant Professor in Applied Health Sciences and has been a Sustainability Fellow since 2012. In 2013, she gave the keynote speech, "Sustainability and Aging:  A Tale of Two Countries" at the International Conference on Science & Social Sciences in Maha Sarakham, Thailand. In 2014, she published the paper, "Intergenerational efforts to develop a healthy environment for everyone:  Sustainability as a human rights issue."

Stephanie Krull


Steph, ISU's Landscape & Grounds Manager, is a Founding Fellow who daily works to incorporate principles of sustainability into the physicality of our campus. In 2013, Steph updated ISU's Tree Inventory and developed a new compost facility on campus. Her 2014 pledges included securing a Sustainable Campus Certification for ISU and working on a tree transplant program. In 2015, she worked to expand the reach of ISU's composting program, achieve an Indiana Wildlife Federation Certification for ISU's campus, and continued her existing work on a Drainage Plan and the Sustainability Campus  Master Plan. In 2016, her pledge is to work on projects that connect ISU to the Wabash River.

Dr. Jennifer Latimer


Jen is an Associate Professor of Geology and is a Founding Sustainability Fellow. Since the Fellowship was formed in 2012, Jen has performed every type of Fellowship activity, including writing grants, hosting events, giving presentations, supervising research, and integrating strong sustainability components into her classes. One of her ongoing projects is the supervision of our Free Lead Testing program, through which she tests urban soil content for heavy metals and other hazardous materials. In 2015, she continued writing grants, incorporating more sustainability into her classes, hosting events, giving presentations, and publishing academic papers on her work.

Tracy Machtan

Tracy (right) is the Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life at ISU. She became a Fellow in 2014, and spent the year planning toward the annual Earth Day celebration. She contributed her expertise in entertainment toward coordinating the musical performances for the daytime celebration and an evening movie on the quad.

Zachariah Mathew


Zachariah, the Assistant Director of ISU's Center for Global Engagement, has been a long-time advocate for the intersection of sustainability and global issues. He is a new Fellow in 2016 and pledges to work with international students to help reduce food waste on campus, as well as to help connect international students with ISU's Community Garden.

Dara Middleton

Dara is the Events Coordinator for Cunningham Memorial Library. She serves on the Earth Day Task Force, helping to coordinate activities and events for ISU's annual Earth Day celebration. While she joined the Fellowship in 2014, she has been contributing to this task force for many years. In 2015 she continued her work with the Earth Day Task Force to expand Earth Day at ISU yet again, and has been active in planning the 2016 celebration.

Brooks Moore

Brooks has dedicated the past three years to organizing, developing, and expanding ISU's Earth Day celebration through his role first as Associate Dean of Students and now as Interim Associate Vice President of Student Affairs. He became a Fellow in 2015 and continued his work to make Earth Day a success.

Zachary Nickerson

Zach was active in supporting sustainability at ISU for many years and formally joined the Fellowship in 2015. He was an undergraduate student in the Department of Biology and one of the co-founders and past President of Sycamore Environmental Action Club (SEAC), the first explicitly sustainability-focused student group at ISU. His pledge for 2015 was to expand SEAC's scope, with the major goal of recruiting students from all campus areas to unite for sustainability. He graduated from ISU in 2015.


Dr. Joy O'Keefe

Joy is a Founding Fellow who has used her position as the Director of ISU's Center for Bat Research, Outreach, and Conservation to advocate for sustainability through the preservation of habitat for the bats of Indiana and beyond. Her 2016 pledge project is pursuing two grants worth a total of $500,000 to conduct monitoring of Indiana bats at a long-term field site in summer 2017.

Ali Pavlicek

Ali was a graduate student in the Higher Education program, as well as the Leadership Learning Community Assistant Hall Director. Ali became a Fellow in 2014 and spent 2 years advocating for student awareness of sustainability initiatives at ISU before graduating in 2015. She now works in Detroit where she is contributing her knowledge to sustainability efforts there.

Rhonda Reed

Rhonda is the Director of the Learning Resources Center in the College of Health and Human Services, and she is a new Fellow for 2016. Her project is the ongoing management of the Nursing Repackaging Program, which re-uses packaging from supplies used during experiential learning for nursing students. So far, the program has saved ISU about $10,000 per semester, and has prevented hundreds of pounds of plastic material from entering the waste stream.

Dr. Tom Steiger

Tom is a Professor of Sociology, the Director of ISU's Center for Student Research and Creativity, and a Founding Fellow. In the Spring semester of 2013, Tom taught Honors class GH 301:  Sustainability in the 21st Century, in which students assessed the food system in Vigo County. In May 2013, he led a study abroad trip to Morocco, "Environmentally and Culturally Sustainable Local Economic Development". He also consulted with a small, local, woman-owned business that offers land-based education on the development of their curricula. In 2014, Tom taught GH 301 and completed the assessment of our local food system. He also served as the faculty sponsor to 5 undergraduate sustainability research projects. In 2015, Tom continued to supervise undergraduate and graduate sustainability research projects; in addition, he integrated strong sustainability components into his classes and gave presentations about his work with sustainability.

Dr. Larry Tinnerman


Larry is an Assistant Professor of Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Technolgoy. He is a Founding Fellow and has worked with ICS staff to develop our web presence. His 2014 pledge was to increase and target our use of social media for effective fundraising and better communication.