ISU encourages bicycling as a form of transportation that treads lighter on the earth, saves money, and promotes health. The City of Terre Haute contains 36 miles of bicycle trails -- remarkable for a city of our size -- so there are plenty of opportunities to get on two wheels!
Bicycle Cooperative

ISU undergraduate student Will Grundon came to ICS with a vision to start a bicycle cooperative based on the model of the City of Bloomington, IN's co-op, where he worked. The cooperative, when operational, will train community members in bicycle repair with the goal of providing free bicycles to community members in need of transportation. Sweat-equity performed by volunteers will allow them to earn free bicycle repair and even a free bicycle for their efforts. ICS and Will have partnered with the Small Business Development Center and are currently exploring necessary materials, personnel, and space for initiating this program.

Bicycle Fix-It Stations

In December 2012, ISU's Facilities Management  
department installed 6 new stationary bicycle pumps 
around campus, as well as two new bicycle “fix-it”stations
where cyclists can make repairs to bicycles with tools that are attached to the stations. You can view the locations of
these stations and pumps, as well as other bicycle
infrastructure on campus, here.

Bicycle Friendly University

   ISU is currently seeking designation as a Bicycle Friendly
  University, an award given by the League of American Bicyclists
  to universities that demonstrate a commitment to making bicycle
  traffic safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.

Bicycle Sharing

ICS is partnering  with the Student Recreation Center to offer 10-20 bicycles available on a rental basis through a campus bicycle sharing program. Pending completion of a storage building  for the bicycles, the bicycle share program is projected to become operational during the 2014-2015 academic year.


Enterprise Car Share

In the Fall semester of 2013, ISU launched a partnership with Enterprise to provide affordable, on-demand transportation to the campus community in the form of a Car Share. Car Shares allow users to rent a vehicle for a few hours at a time, saving money when compared to renting a car for a full day or owning a car. By offering this option, we hope to reduce the total number of vehicle miles driven by our campus community by encouraging students not to own a car while on campus, all while facilitating their ability to quickly and conveniently run errands and appear at job interviews.We also hope that this option makes transportation more affordable for students. Also under the Car Share program, students under the age of 25 are able to rent vehicles without incurring young driver fees. International students with a valid driver's license from any country are also eligible, but should be advised that driving with an international license after 6 months of being in the U.S. may be in violation of local laws. International students can contact with questions.

Students can join the program for an annual membership fee of $35, which counts toward their driving credits. Car rentals are $7.50 per hour, which includes the cost of gasoline and insurance.
Click here to explore this program and sign up!

Free Bus Rides

ISU students, faculty, and staff receive free fare on the Terre Haute City Bus. The bus provides connectivity across the City of Terre Haute. To view bus schedules, please visit the Terre Haute City Bus website.

Multi-Modal Parking Garage

This multi-modal parking garage at the corner of 8th and Cherry Streets was built on top of a brownfield site and purchased by ISU. The garage offers 623 parking spaces for cars and bicycle parking on the ground floor. It also serves as the hub for the Terre Haute City Bus and links to Greyhound buses. This structure also reduced the need for surface parking spaces on campus, which helps to decrease stormwater runoff and combined sewage overflow (CSO) events that dump raw sewage into the Wabash River.