Community Garden

A decade ago, the 11th and Chestnut city block consisted of vacant, dilapidated houses. Seeing an opportunity to invest in the community, ISU bought this land and demolished these homes to build a community garden. The garden has thrived since 2008, thanks to the efforts of ISU’s Center for Community Engagement, Volunteer Garden Coordinator Patti Weaver, and the contributions of ISU’s Grounds Maintenance crew, who provide maintenance support, and, above all, keep our compost pile high and deep!

Want a garden plot? Click here to learn the basics of our garden and apply!

  • Learn more about the garden's history & mission.
  • Curious about how to get a plot? Check out our F.A.Q. section.
  • Curious about how you can volunteer at the garden? We've got a special Volunteer F.A.Q. page for that!
  • Existing gardener? Stay connected to us through our Facebook, Library Guide, and email!
  • Find out what's going on by viewing our garden calendar.
  • Prospective gardeners and existing gardeners alike can review our contract to learn about garden requirements.
  • New requirements for the 2016 season include 5 hours of garden service and the donation of 10% of your produce.
  • While you're there, be sure to check out the garden policies
  • Like many urban soils, we've had our issues with lead. Learn how you can be lead aware.

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