The garden relies upon the good-hearted volunteer spirit of our gardeners. We have no paid staff members except for our student workers and ICS staff who help with the garden incidentally, as part of their overall ISU responsibilities.

Contact information

Community Garden
Institute for Community
Sustainability Phone
ISU Police
219 North 11th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807

Patti Weaver (
Volunteer Garden Manager
Patti is the garden’s first point of contact, and she directs the management of the entire garden.

Ivy Coble (
Student Garden Coordinator
Ivy is the garden’s second point of contact.

Caroline Savage (
Director, Institute for Community Sustainability
Caroline is the liaison between the Community Garden and Indiana State University.

Ashanti Baker (
ICS Graduate Assistant
Ashanti coordinates use of the Greenhouse and some garden programming.

Steering Committee
The ISU Community Garden Steering Committee exists to support the community of gardeners and ensure stewardship of garden resources. The Committee develops policies to increase the garden’s pleasure and productivity. It also supports a system of sub-committees to implement these policies; to communicate with gardeners and the general public; to further educational goals for sustainable gardening and community well-being; to aggregate resources; and to encourage a culture of participation, peacefulness, and goodwill.

The Steering Committee meets primarily during the gardening off-season and is composed of 6 to 9 members. The Volunteer Garden Manager, Student Garden Coordinator, ICS Program Director, ICS Grad Assistant, and ISU Landscape and Grounds Manager have permanent seats on the Committee but no greater voice on Garden matters than other Committee members. 2016 rotating Committee members are Leslie Engelland, John Halladay, and Yvonne Russell. All participants in the Community Garden are invited to attend Steering Committee meetings. Membership is rotated annually with elections each fall.