All ISU Community Gardeners are required to abide by the following guidelines as a condition of enjoying access to Garden amenities. The contract may be updated from year to year; gardeners are notified at the beginning of each garden season of any changes to the contract.

Thinking about becoming a Community Gardener? Review the guidelines below to see whether the ISU Community Garden sounds like a fit for you.

I wish to be a member of the 2016 ISU Community Garden. I promise to:

  • Abide by the garden’s mission statement and its commitment to 100% organic gardening methods and products. See History & Mission for more information.
  • Wear or carry my Garden ID while on garden property.
  • Work courteously with other gardeners.
  • Report any issues to the Garden Manager or Coordinator. For emergency health or security issues, call 911 or ISU police at 812 237 5555.
  • Respect the garden’s calendar, especially the three Garden Checks and Closing Day. See Calendar for more information.
  • Refrain from weeding, picking produce from, or trespassing upon anyone else’s plot unless specifically requested by that plot's gardener.
  • Notify Garden Manager or Coordinator if I will be absent during part of the growing season and unable to tend my plot. See Blue Flag System for information about untended plots.
  • Maintain my plot through the growing season,keeping it weeded and harvested, and maintain 4-foot-wide wood-chip paths adjacent to my plot. Plants should not grow into or hang over paths.
  • Plant only annual vegetables, flowers, and herbs.See Perennial Plants Policy for more information.
  • Respect the garden’s commitment to our greater community by donating 10% of my harvest to local food banks or an organization of my choice. See Donations for more information.
  • Care for shed tools as if they were my own. Remove soil and other matter before returning tools to their proper place in the shed. If I make a mess, I'll clean it up.
  • Avoid using the tiller unless I am properly trained. All tools in the shed, including the tiller, are used at my own risk.
  • Bring pets to the garden only if they are leashed, well-behaved, and kept from other gardeners’ plots. I’ll supply my own bags for the collection and disposal of pet waste.
  • Satisfy my “five hours a season” garden service requirement in a way that suits my time, financial, and physical restrictions. See Garden Service for more information.
  • In consideration of my participation in the community garden on the property of Indiana State University, I hereby hold harmless and forever discharge Indiana State University, its Trustees, administrators, faculty, officers, agents, employees and/or students from and against all claims, demands, costs and expenses arising from bodily injuries or property damages sustained.