Garden Calendar

2016 Community Garden Calendar

The calendar below reflects gardening events and deadlines for the 2016 garden season. Each year, the calendar follows a similar pattern, but specific dates may change from year to year to reflect new opportunities and to correct for changing weather patterns.

Jan 16

Vigo County Seed Exchange, noon-2 p.m., ICS building on garden property. Swap seeds with other gardeners; free and open to all.

Feb 15

2016 contracts sent to previous gardeners.

March 20

Deadline for previous gardeners to return contracts and ensure plot continuity and priority consideration for new gardeners to complete applications.

March 26

Early planting day, 12 noon – 2 p.m.

Early-mid March

Depending on the weather, water in the gardens is generally turned on sometime in March. At the plot spigots, water will be available from dawn to dusk on an automatic shut-on/shut-off system.

April 15

Donaghy Day: ISU students are given the chance to volunteer at the garden.

April 30

Open House, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

May 15

First Garden Check: Your plot should reflect your intention to garden this year. It should show signs of weeding; planting; soil preparation; and wood-chip path maintenance.

June 15

Second Garden Check: Your plot should show marked progress toward a productive garden: i.e., at least half the plot worked and weeded, plants maintained, continued path maintenance.

July 1

Third Garden Check: By this time, any plot appearing not to be maintained at all will be contacted by Patti at least twice; if there is no response, the plot will be offered up to other gardeners for their use.

Oct 31

Closing Day, last day of regular season: Plants should be harvested and plots should be clean and mulched or cover-cropped. Water is turned off and access to shed is limited. If anyone wishes to fall garden, they should keep this in mind.