Garden Policies

As the garden has evolved, we've developed policies to keep it sustainable over the long term. Our Perennial Plants Policy, Pets Policy, Blue-Flag System help the garden to stay beautiful, usable, and vital.

Perennial Plants Policy
Currently, the garden operates under a “no-perennial” policy. This means that only annual vegetables, flowers, and herbs may be planted in the ground in normal plots; gardeners may keep above-the-ground potted perennials in their plots if they choose. The garden maintains specially designated “communal beds” that may be available for gardeners wishing to plant perennials. Please contact the Garden Manager or Coordinator for more details.

Pets Policy

Bring pets to garden only if they are leashed, well-behaved (i.e., obey commands like "stay"), and kept from other gardeners’ plots. Bring your own bags for collection and disposal of pet waste.

lue-Flag System
Keeping plots clear of ripened and rotting veggies is good gardening practice because it helps manage pests (insects, rodents, and other scavengers), plant diseases, and the occasional human thief. Moreover, our commitment to a sustainable world makes it hard to watch good, organic produce go to waste when it could be feeding the hungry in our community. Our Blue-Flag system helps us achieve these goals; please help us make this system work.

  • Blue-Flag system, voluntary: If you know you’ll be away from your plot when produce might ripen, notify Garden Manager or Coordinator. Put blue flags in your plot to indicate that ripe produce may be collected for donation. You might prefer to ask another gardener to tend your plot while you’re gone. Even in this case, please let the Manager or Coordinator know so they’ll know why someone else is picking your produce.
  • Blue-Flag system, involuntary: Especially after the Third Garden Check on July 1st, any gardener may report someone else’s poorly maintained or unharvested plot to the Garden Manager or Coordinator. Only the Manager and Coordinator are authorized to take further action from that point. If the Manager or Coordinator agree that a plot is being maintained poorly, they will contact the gardener with suggestions for improvement. No involuntary harvesting will take place unless at least two attempts have been made to contact the gardener by the Manager or Coordinator.

Blue flags are located in the equipment shed against the north wall.