Garden Service

Some of us are able to contribute more of our time and resources to the garden. Others of us work full-time jobs, have demanding family situations, or are otherwise pressed for time. However, all of us can find some way to make the garden a better, happier place. Service to the garden has been a membership requirement from the beginning, and, as of 2016, it is defined as “at least five hours or its equivalent per season.”

If you prefer to make a financial contribution, we accept contributions in the amount of $15 per hour. Contact the ICS Director for details on how to exchange a financial donation for your garden service.

Here are some choices:

  • Volunteer for a shed shift.
  • Join a committee.
  • Host an education session for other gardeners.
  • Help with one of our external-volunteer events:  Donaghy Day, Days of Caring, etc.
  • Adopt a common area to maintain (water and weed):
    • Blackberry patch
    • Strawberry patch
    • Communal flower or herb bed (see the map below for the one closest to your plot)
    • Permaculture plot
  • Pick up trash around the compost and other public areas.
  • Mentor a new gardener.
  • Help harvest blue-flagged plots for donation.
  • Donate seeds, starts, or equipment.
  • Monitor the garden for visitors and answer questions about the garden.
  • Pull weeds around common pathways.

This list is not comprehensive, so if you have your own ideas about how to contribute to the garden, please check with Garden Manager or Coordinator. Also, please understand that five hours is the minimum threshold for garden service; any gardener is welcome to contribute as much as he or she chooses.