Stay Connected!

This is our garden’s home page. Here’s where we post an updated calendar of garden activities, special announcements, a plot map, and lead testing results for most of the garden plots.

Library Guide
Edith Campbell, ISU reference librarian and long-time gardener, maintains an information guide to gardening and our garden in particular. This is a good place to look for recipes and pertinent garden advice. If you have something you’d like to contribute to Edi’s site, please contact her directly at

Yvonne Russell, one of our master gardeners, has organized a closed Facebook group titled “ISU Community Garden”; ask to join!

When you join the garden, your email address will be added to the garden’s e-mail distribution list. All gardeners have access to this email address, so if you need to send a message to everyone, you can be sure that you’re using the most up-to-date email list. Forgot the address? Registered Community Gardeners can click here to send a message. Remember that emails sent using this address go to all 150+ gardeners.

Are you a registered gardener who isn't receiving listserv messages? Notify the Garden Manager or Garden Coordinator; you can find their contact information here.

Please respect the time and inboxes of your fellow gardeners, and don’t send out messages to the listserv unless everyone really needs your message. Non-urgent sharing of information is better suited for the Library Guide or Facebook sites, above.