Community Health Indicators: Data You Can Use

Community Health
Session 2

Community Health Indicators:  Data You Can Use

Magna Carta Room, Second Floor, Federal Hall
Mr. James Twitchell, Community Benefit Specialist, Union Hospital
Mr. David Haynes, President, Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce

Better Health Wabash Valley, an initiative of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce, is charged with identifying the Wabash Valley’s most pressing community health needs and leading a process to identify and develop programing to improve the overall health of the community. To this end, the Community Health Needs Assessment was launched in 2012, providing nearly 100 indicators measuring health and wellness, economic factors, education, public safety and social environment. This tool can be used by many different segments of the community. The Community Health Needs Assessment was recently revised, expanded, and updated to include more information. James Twitchell and David Haynes present on the updates to the Assessment, as well as how community members and professionals in various fields can use the information in the Assessment to their advantage and to the advantage of our community.