Introduction to Permaculture

Regenerative Agriculture
Session 1

Introduction to Permaculture
Heritage Ballroom, Second Floor, Tirey Hall
Rhonda Baird, Permaculture Teacher and Designer, Assistant Editor of Permaculture Activist

Permaculture as a design tool and a network has a great deal to offer individuals and communities as they build resilience. Rhonda Baird will introduce permaculture as a design tool—indicating the depth and breadth of its applications from individual home sites to regional planning and re-linking a range of interconnected aspects of life from food production to regional economies. She will also address permaculture as a network of practitioners, educators, and designers throughout the continent. She will speak to the emerging continental, regional and local efforts to create opportunities for people to learn about and practice permaculture—as well as incorporate it into their professional lives. A portion of the session will be a collaborative discussion about how to better utilize permaculture in the region. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of permaculture and practical ideas about how to apply what they’ve learned in their own lives and communities.