Student Sustainability Research Expo

Student Sustainability Research Expo

Heritage Ballroom Lounge, Second Floor, Tirey Hall

This poster session features original sustainability research conducted by ISU students. Posters featured include:

  • Akinlaja, M, Noll, RJ. Assessing the Reproducibility of a Miniature Gas Chromatograph.
  • Foxx, H, Latimer, J, Aldrich, S. Relationship between Pb in Urban Soils and Demographic Characteristics to Predict Exposure Risks in Terre Haute, Indiana.
  • Lee, S, Noll, RJ. Computer Simulations for Calculating Ion Trajectories in Ion Mobility Spectrometry.
  • McCune, A, Brown, SR, Stone, JR. Diatom-inferred Stratification Patterns of Island Lake.
  • Memmer, ED, Stone, JR. Wabash Valley Calibration of Water Chemistry to Diatoms.
  • Schoenberg, A, Noll, RJ. Construction of a Miniature Ion Mobility Spectrometer.
  • Shepard, SK, Stone, JR, Hixson, JL. The Sedimentary Phosphorus History of Long Lake.
  • Williams, T, McLennan, D. Anthropogenic Impacts Recorded in Lacustrine Environments: Examples from Green Valley Lake and Goose Pond.