Sustainability Research Networking Meeting

Sustainability on Campus
Session 3

Sustainability Research Networking Meeting
Heritage Ballroom, Second Floor, Tirey Hall
Liz Metzger, Contracts and Grants Specialist, Indiana State University

This session will facilitate participants’ building partnerships toward research and/or grant writing. This meeting is ideal for:
  • Individuals with ideas for collaborative sustainability projects, but who lack contacts in one or more fields necessary to bring the project to fruition
  • Participants seeking collaborators with similar interests at different organizations
  • Conference attendees who have limited experience in grant writing/research and who are interested in partnering with those who have experience in these areas
  • Seasoned professionals needing assistance with existing research projects who are willing to serve as mentors to junior conference attendees

Liz Metzger will facilitate networking activities and offer advice about grant writing and making meaningful connections to enable research.