2013 Year of the River is a community-wide initiative based in West Central Indiana providing arts,
 cultural, environmental and educational events throughout 2013 that are focused on
the Wabash River, and rivers and water as they affect our lives.

Green Toolbox encourages and inspires organizations to apply sustainable
working practicesin their daily work and within their project and office management.

Indiana State University Community Semester aims to bring the vibrant and exciting
ideas in the sciences, humanities, liberal arts and creative arts to the Wabash Valley, as well as
to invite the public to actively engage with us.

The ISU Recycle Center is a university and community resource.
The center offers educational and sustainability opportunities to Terre Haute.

"Our Green Map" is the product of a partnership between Institute for Community
 Sustainability and Our Green Valley Alliance. Click to view the map and learn
about local resources for sustainable living.

ur Green Valley Alliance for Sustainability (OGVA) is a resource for 
environmentally sustainable practices in the Wabash Valley.

The Ouabache Land Conservancy was founded in 2007 as a land trust.
Land trusts protect natural lands and farmlands from development.
Visit their Facebook here.

Republic offers single-stream (no need to sort), door-to-door residential and commercial
recycling services for $14.66 per month (residential). Republic recycles cardboard, paper,
newspaper, magazines,plastics 1-7, aluminum, tin, and glass.

erre Foods is an organization working toward establishing a cooperative
market, or co-op, in the Wabash Valley.

Colleges and universities across the United States can be recognized as a Tree Campus
college by meeting five standards developed to promote healthy trees and student involvement.

Riverscape encompasses the future concept for the utilization of land from parts of
Terre Haute and Vigo County surrounding the Wabash River.

White Violet Center for Eco-Justice
, a ministry of the Sisters of Providence, provides
opportunities for many persons to participate in creating systems that support sustainability
and justice, locally and globally.