Launched in January, 2012, the Rural-Urban Entrepreneurship Development Institute (RUEDI) is an initiative of Indiana State University’s Strategic Plan and its Unbound Possibilities program. As part of Indiana State’s commitment to strengthen economic development in Indiana’s rural counties, RUEDI was created to serve as an engagement, research and learning platform to improve the economic stability of rural areas and small towns through collaboration with local government officials, other educational institutions, and business enterprises. 

RUEDI’s primary objective is to improve the rural economy in Indiana by increasing entrepreneurship and new business start-ups in rural communities across the State.


RUEDI envisions a thriving rural Indiana where the public, private, and philanthropic sectors coordinate efforts to support the development and nurturing of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Provide entrepreneurial training and exposure for K-12 students in Indiana’s rural public school systems;
2. Develop a Rural Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Program at Indiana State University;
3. Improve access to information and support services to Indiana’s rural small businesses; and
4Broaden the market for locally produced products by forming regional producer-to-consumer cooperatives and networks.


In recent years, the economy of rural America has suffered disproportionately in comparison with its urban counterparts in relation to labor participation, out migration, aging of its population,  and educational attainment. Rural Indiana, A Demographic and Economic Overview examines the challenges that threaten the long-range prosperity of rural Hoosiers.