Minor in Entrepreneurship

ISU Undergraduate Minor in Entrepreneurship

Until recently, Indiana State University was a notable exception among public and private institutions of higher learning offering  programs in entrepreneurship.   Facilitated by RUEDI,from research of a 401 Business Class and discussions among representatives from all five colleges of the University, a Faculty Committee developed relevant course materials to enable Indiana State to offer courses for an Entrepreneurial Minor / Certificate Program beginning with the Spring 2014 Semester.

MGT210 Entrepreneurship Fundamentals provides an introduction to the steps involved in creating a new business. Topics include opportunity or idea recognition and analysis; the customer in the entrepreneurial process strategies for managing, marketing, and financing a new business; and the role of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship.  The entrepreneurial curriculum assists ISU in providing an interdisciplinary program for students,who’s only prerequisite, is to be of sophomore standing, to expand experiential learning opportunities with a unique focus on rural entrepreneurship for agricultural and non-agricultural enterprises. All five colleges were represented among the students enrolled in the Spring 2014 Semester.